Probios Annual Reports

Probios Annual Reports

Despite the fact that Probios has been founded and operating since March 2009, we've started many activities without any funding or donations until a few years ago.

Still small, but with the help of citizens, volunteers and sponsors, we have started these projects such as “Jaguar catch and release”, research of logging and gold mining in the rainforest, and this year the Braamspunt Sea Turtle Nesting Beach Cleanup.

Probios is of course working on many other environmental and awareness activities that also require financial injections to succeed.

Nature film documentaries, nature photography, research of pollution and radioactivity in mud lakes of Alcoa, Brownsberg nature park illegal gold mining and logging activities, exposing poachers, illegal hunting, awareness of mercury poisoning, Safe food fish farm project together with the Wayana community, contribution to nature education, assisting in restoring Mangrove Forests, exposing the heavily polluting skalians, logging in nature reserves, research into the pollution and dangers of oil and gas extraction, and the many publications on environmental abuses on TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers.

We can therefore be very proud of the many activities that we carry out despite the lack of big funding.

Despite all these Probios activities, we have many bigger environmental goals. Our ambitions are great, and we dream of restoring and reforestation projects, an independent Research Laboratory for the local communities and putting Suriname back on the list of Green Countries.
Help us to make these dreams come true for Suriname.

Donate for a Green Sustainable future for Suriname and Planet Earth.

Here you can find all our annual and financial reports starting from 2020. No annual reports before these periods have been produced as they would only include private input and support from family and close friends.

To protect the identity of our donors and sponsors, we have removed their names and added only the initials, so donors can refer to their donation in the report. In case of any investigation for transparency by authorities we will open these detailed annual reports of course.


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