About Us

The foundation ProBioS was founded in 2009 to fight the destruction of our beautiful rainforest in Suriname. It is part of the mighty Amazon rainforest and also part of the Guiana Shield.

Our part of the Amazon is under threat of gold mining ,logging companies and corruption.

The forest provides us with clean water, oxygen, climate stability, clean air, medicins, food, beautiful animals, trees, flowers, fruit and lots more and humans destroy it all for some quick money.

Via ProBioS, its founder and chairman Mr. Erlan Sleur is exposing many environmental problems together with partners, vollunteers, informers and the media.

Another important topic is the pollution of mercury primarily caused by gold-mining. All predatory fish have high contents of methylmercury in their flesh. People from the interior are the main victims of this pollution because they depend so much on fish. Since 1997 scientic research have shown high concentration of mercury in their body causing many health and social problems. ProBioS has developed awareness posters in 2013 and with a very small budget it was handed over to the Wayana communities in the Lawa region in 2014.


Suriname has some of the last strongholds for sea turtle nesting-beaches. in 2017 the government gave concessions to allow sand mining to mine for sand on these important nesting beaches. These beautiful marine animals with a history of more than 100 million years are endangered because they drown in fishingnets, poaching or to make tourist souvenirs with their carapace. ProBioS and friends soon started protesting against sand mining on these nesting beaches.

You can only protect what you know and people know too little about our nature here in Suriname. ProBioS brings the beauty of our forest in your home on ATV (channel 12.1). The theme "The forest is our home" was developed to bring more awareness to the Surinames about the beautiful animals and plants. The mascotte "Konkoni" and "Turty" were born.

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Beside Nature photography, the goal is also to maken short nature documentaries with the same theme "The forest is our home". It is amazing to see how animals behave, care and socialize. Only by understanding animals and their behaviour, we can grow empathy for our planet Earth and its beautiful and precious garden of life

ProBioS has some true friends in Suriname, Netherlands, French-Guyane, Brazil and Colombia and will always look for more partners to strengten its projects and targets. ProBioS has strong commitments to nature and therefor will never work with polluting companies (so called green washing) or corrupt governments. Money is not our goal but just one of many tools to reach our goal. That goal is to Protect Nature

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