Millions of trees are being harvested from pristine rainforests from East to West and North to South. These primary forests have essential functions for a healthy wildlife, Clean water, Oxygen,  purifying the air from pollutants, Carbon sink, fertile land, cooling the land, prospecting for potential medicines, hunting for local people, shelter for animals and many more. During the logging activities like cutting the trees and pulling them out of the forest with heavy bulldozers or skidders, thousands of birds nest, animal shelters are destroyed and many animals like birds, sloths and tortoises are being killed.

Destructive logging for export is fueled by structural corruption in our country Suriname.  Many foreign companies have access to our forest for logging while our institution for forestry (SBB) is not equipped to manage and monitoring the forest for sustainable logging. Illegal but also legal logging is now a big problem. New logging roads in primary forest give access to gold miners making the destruction complete.

Gold mining is indeed the biggest culprit of deforestation, with tens of thousands of gold miners in our rainforests destroying all life on their path. Industrial and artisanal gold mining are both very destructive in their own way. It must be clear that the word green gold mining was fabricated to make gold mining in our rainforest acceptable for the public. Sustainable gold mining in a rainforest is impossible and no technique whatever is possible to take out the fine gold dust without destroying the forest, wildlife, waters and soil and even the air.

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