Safe Jagua bannerklein

Jaguar catch and safe release Back to Nature


Suriname has a beautiful diversity of wild cats. Jaguars, Puma's, Ocelots, Jaguarundi, Margay and the smallest of all the Oncilla. Deep international research has proven the serious threats our wild cats face. Jaguars and Ocelots are now being killed for Chinese traditional medicines and also for their menu.

Tigers from all over Asia have been whipped out for these evil methods as lots of money is paid for the carcasses of these beautiful animals.

Logging by Chinese companies is big in Suriname and other Amazonian countries and with that also the killings of our wild cats. Hundreds of American dollars are paid for a dead Jaguar and the prepared paste from their body is worth even thousands of dollars in China.

With all the gold mining and logging activities in our pristine forests the wild cats are not safe anymore so many start to wander around and come close to human settlements. Dogs and cattle are easy prey for these jaguars so conflicts with locals are also rising.

Many Jaguars, ocelots and Puma have been killed by locals as the government has no proper instruments to protect their domestic animals. One way is to catch the wild cats and relocate them in undisturbed forests  where they are safe.

Probios has started a program to catch the wild cats for relocation. A special cage was built to catch these animals within days with the help of local and international friends of Probios.

The cage was just the startup for a program that focuses on saving the wild cats. Catching a Jaguar is not as easy as catching a mouse so lots of help is needed.

We hope that our program will have your interest as your contribution will make a big difference in our efforts to safe these beautiful animals from human greed and ignorance.

Read our reports or contact us if more information is needed. So far we would like to give our gratitude and thanks to all volunteers and donors for the realization of this cage.

Ocelot met baby
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