Nature Friends of Brownsberg

The group Nature friends from Brownsberg national park was formed by Erlan Sleur who used to work for STINASU. STINASU is the government controlled institute for Nature Conservation in Suriname and it is also responsible for the management of Brownsberg national park.

Brownsberg is probably the most beautiful national park in the proximity of Paramaribo just 130 Km by car. The mountain includes several ecosystems containing a very rich biodiversity.

Confronted with corruption within this institute, illegal gold mining and logging in this park, Erlan Sleur left STINASU but not the fight against the destruction of our national park.

Join our Facebook group "Natuurvrienden van Brownsberg" for daily updates and to make a bigger fist against the corruption and destruction of our forests.

Illegal gold mining in Nature Park Brownsberg

Our part of the Amazon is also under threat with gold mining and logging but above all government and corporate fed corruption.


Our friends for nature

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